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The Martino jacket, made to meet the needs of those who want to ride well, strong but with style.

MARTINO JACKET designed and made in Italy, different in fact are its fabrics, joined then in a single layer, from a total thickness of 3 mm.

Las its composition is in the following choice; high collar to better protect from cold and air blows the throat but at the same time when you are in the most aerodynamic position.

The MARTINO JACKET is equipped with as many as NINE pockets, two of them are on the front chest area, they have a matching zipper, and are usually used for carrying a denier holder , car keys.

On the left side we have included a matching mesh pocket for carrying snacks or the next cards, so you don’t throw them away on the way. On the right side another pocket with a concealed zipper, dedicated to carrying your smartphone or, valuables. The inner impermable pillowcase has a hole for the possible passage of telephone cables. Recall that this type of pocket is large by virtue of the resulting jacket size. Probably on XS or S sizes it is difficult to insert a latest generation smartphone.

On the back the MARTINO JACKET is equipped with 3 open linear pockets with a functional reflex on the bottom to increase visibility on the street or in low light. The sleeves also made with functional reflex sides , have a mesh pocket on each so that small gel kits or bars can be inserted while carrying, their functionality is designed so that the cyclist never takes a hand off the handlebars to be able to grab a snack, always maintaining a safety ease for him and others.

We also remind you that the MARTINO JACKET is an UMBRAIL product revisited in improvements for the coming winter, its use and functionality ranges from a minimum temperature of 5 degrees to a max of 15 without any kind of problems, we recommend its use wearing only a thermal underwear of good caliber, even half sleeves.

The fabric is equipped and wanted to also have a water treatment for a couple of hours to ensure even more comfort.

The main YKK zipper is matching and attuned to the jacket colors and is double-slider so that it can also be opened from below for comfort during short climbs.

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