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BARRY HOBAN tights are winter dungarees, made with vuelta fabric. Ideal product for pedaling during the coldest months of autumn and winter, its functionality is in fact not to make you suffer from the cold, thanks to its latest generation Italian fabric. Its thermal function is excellent in the abdominal area, to protection in the frontal area of the horse. The product was tested on the coldest days and guarantees excellent pedaling freedom as well as valid insulation and protection in the femoral area, excellent elasticity in the buttocks and popliteal area. All this together with its pad make this garment very comfortable. Equipped with a unisex Umbrail pad, as you already know for Umbrail customers, it is also suitable for more than 8 hours of saddle riding. the “ligaments” of the body to a minimum during the movement phase. The brand writings are made in reflex to increase visibility. We want to remember the washing methods which are always the same, i.e. we do not recommend the use of fabric softeners and any use of dryers, all this because the elasticity of the fabrics would be lost and the pad would harden making it totally lose its functionality. the product is made in Italy.

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